Feeling Unprepared to Treat CAS Clients? You’re Not Alone.

When I received an e-mail from my alma mater about a free workshop on the assessment and treatment of Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) - I was ecstatic. Not just because of the word free, but also because I had two particular students in mind who I was struggling with. Upon clicking the link, I… Continue reading Feeling Unprepared to Treat CAS Clients? You’re Not Alone.


5 SLP Tips for the Back-to-School Season

Summer is quickly coming to an end and the school year is approaching fast. I always look forward to the fresh start with new students and new opportunities for planning, organizing and utilizing best practice. There can be a downside to the excitement of the start of a new school year. Do you ever find… Continue reading 5 SLP Tips for the Back-to-School Season

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Making Cherry Blossom Trees

One of our 12:1:1 classes has been involved with an ongoing series at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. They have had the opportunity to see the gardens throughout the different seasons and have taken part in lessons to build vocabulary and plant their own flowers. On one of their most recent trips, they got to see… Continue reading Making Cherry Blossom Trees


What is a JAR?

If you do a google search on the words “JAR” or “JARs” you’re likely to get a lot of catalog pictures of sealed containers and some miscellanous tech artiles about Java file formats. But JARs have an entirely different meaning in the special education and speech-language pathology world. A Joint Action Routine (JAR) or Joint… Continue reading What is a JAR?