Creative and individually designed intervention.

That result in real, generalized and measurable progress in meeting academic and personal speech and language goals. Area of expertise include: language/literacy, articulation, Autism.

Direct + Consultative Services

One-to-one or group services that center the student or adult learner. A variety of models are offered including: screenings, evaluations, teletherapy and in-person services.


Facilitate a range of professional development and educational workshops for parents, professionals and students that include but are not limited to: Overall wellness and centering student-led practices, Culturally Responsive Strategies in Therapy and Teaching + Trauma Informed Intervention

Advocacy + Outreach

Create, publish and share evidenced-based and accessible resources and materials for the community at large.

I had a meeting with my child’s teacher and she commented on how much improvement had been noted in creative writing, which is thanks to YOU!

Dr. Petra Gelbart

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